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Today Kellen and Chloe turn 9 months old. 🙂 When they got up today I kissed them all over and told them how much I love them. They really make my life so much fun and make me wonder how I ever lived without them.
Today is also my mom and dad’s 34th wedding anniversary! They are the epitome of a beautiful relationship and I am so thankful that I have them as my example to follow.
They are my four favorite people and they make me light up from inside out. I am forever blessed by what they add to my life.

We take the babies to the doctor for their 9 month checkup tomorrow.

My babies are little maniacs!!! They are full of energy and wonder and it is so amazing to me. I cannot describe how much love I feel for these two little munchkins. Everyday is such a learning and absorbing experience. With each day it seems they learn a new trick. Chloe waved for the first time yesterday – it was the sweetest moment that I wish I could have frozen in time and her daddy missed it. She waved at our friend Travis – several times.
Kellen wants to climb the stairs – ALL the time. He devotes much thought to climbing and I am thankful that for now he isn’t any taller because he would be able to climb on more things. He is like wrestling a bull to get a diaper on him or change his clothes – he wants to Go GO GO!!
Oh how I wish they didn’t have to get any older for a while. Too bad for mommy though cause it is gonna get faster and faster.

So I am really wanting to get better about blogging and actually make this blog more about our everyday lives and daily adventures than just monthly updates on the babies’ progress.
I think the babies have inspired me to embark on a journey to search for a new direction in life. I have always known that I didn’t want to be an accountant forever and that mommy would be my number one job/love. I was right – I love being a mom but, I could not be a stay at home mom. I think that going to work actually makes me a better mom.
The corporate world does not leave me fulfilled. I have a great job, work for a great company with wonderful people but, (that is a big BUT) it isn’t me. It isn’t inspiring.
I really love to take pictures and love learning about photography, editing, post processing, lighting, composition, etc. I am very very much an amateur but, I am trying to develop myself as a photographer. Not saying that this is going to replace my job but, I am trying to work towards developing my own style, craft, brand.
I would like to use this blog to chronicle my interests in and research around photography, too.
I figure you have to start somewhere and that is what I am trying to do. I often read various pieces of information that I find inspiring or educational or just funny and think I would like to remember that but, don’t have a home for it. I can use this blog as a home for those tidbits. It can be “base” for all things useful.
Let’s see how this goes – I figure it will weave its own sense of style and process.

Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks. The babies turned 8 months old on July 19th!
Kellen is crawling very well now. He went from not crawling, to moving very quickly and standing up (while holding on to something) in the matter of a week. Chloe was army crawling but, mastered crawling on her hands and knees last week. She too can pull up and stand while holding on to something.
Kellen has one tooth on the bottom and the other bottom tooth poked through the gum last week. Chloe still hasn’t gotten a tooth but, she is trying – both her top and bottom gums look like they are getting close to breaking through.
I can’t believe how much more they can do in the matter of a couple of weeks. It seems like they have mastered all kinds of new things and tried many more.
Last week we took them to the beach for the first time. I was so worried about the car ride since we don’t spend much time in the car or our seats for that matter. They didn’t cry one time on the way there or the way back. I couldn’t believe it.
The beach was a fantastic time with lots of family – Mom and Dad, Uncle John, Aunt Lisa, Lauren, Anna, Celeste, Gracen, Jackson, Emma, Henry, Cheryl, Jack, Kevin, Crista, Macayla, Jamison, Corey, Englysh and Lola. It was a week of many firsts for the babies – first time on a road trip, first time out of state, first time to eat a french fry (which they LOVED), first time to sit in a highchair at a restaurant (again they loved it and were soooo proud of themselves), first popsicle, first time Chloe crawled, first time in the ocean, first time in the sand, first time to stay up past our bedtime (and really really past our bed time at 11:00 one night).
It was definitely a different kind of beach trip than we are used to – no more just lounging around in the sun doing whatever, whenever. LOL – these little guys kept me very busy. Typically, we would get up (early despite going to bed later) do breakfast and then the babies would get tired. My mom and I would load them up in the car and take them for a ride to get them to take a nap. It was a great way for she and I to get some alone time together too. Then we would come back and do lunch. Followed by a lather up session and putting on bathing suits. Then we would go to the pool before it was time for our afternoon nap.
At the end of the trip, Kellen started to feel bad. We thought it was just teething but, it actually turned out to be a virus. 😦 He had a fever and was just kind of puny. He bounced back though and seemed to be doing better by Friday.
When we got home on Saturday afternoon it was funny to watch the babies look around and recognize their surroundings. It seemed like they were happy to be home and see their toys and their room. I put them in their swings and pushed them for a while and both feel asleep as a summer storm was blowing in. It was a really nice end to a fantastic week of adventures.
Sunday morning Kellen and I got in the guest bed and slept together for a little while. When we woke up I noticed that his neck and face were red and splotchy but, just thought it was a reaction to the feather bed in the guest room (even though he had never had a reaction before – hellowwww stupid mom!). A little while later he went back down for a nap but, Chloe was wide awake. So, I took her to the store with me and left Kellen with John. When we pulled back into the driveway John came quickly over to the car and told me something was wrong with Kellen’s face. It was even more red and splotchy. John said his eye had been swollen shut but, it had gone down. He looked awful! John was completely freaked out and had the carseat out because he was about to load him up and take him to the ER. (He couldn’t call me while I was gone b/c his phone was dead and his charger was packed up somewhere.) Turns out the rash was all over his stomach and back too.
I called the pediatrician (love that they see patients on Sundays!!!) and they got us in. Turns out it was the end of a virus and it meant he was getting better – go figure. She said it should be gone in about 3 days. We were so relieved that it wasn’t a food allergy!!! It disappeared quickly and everyone is back to their normal mischevious self.
Uggghhh -Kellen crawled half way up our stairs. Monkey boy needs to keep himself on the first floor cause I am not ready for all this!!
Til next time.

I can’t believe that the babies will be 7 months old this weekend! It will also be John’s first Father’s day. 🙂
Saturday we will be taking the babies to have their picture made. I have gotten them some really cute outfits so; I can’t wait. I am praying that everyone is happy and good for the pictures – it is gonna be outrageously hot!
My mom and I took them to get their pictures made last Friday at Calvert’s. Kellen cried the entire time. 😦 Chloe hammed it up! I can’t wait to get the proofs. We only got two pictures of Kellen so; I am hoping at least one of them is decent – I know it isn’t going to be great. In the pictures of them together – she is smiling and he is crying. Oh well – it was a true depiction of the day and life with twins. 🙂
I am in awe at home much the babies are changing and how fast. Both babies can get up on their hands and knees and rock back and forth. They are going to be crawling anytime now!! Chloe has really been trying out some new sounds and putting different sounds together. Sometimes she will say Hi when you come into the room. Kellen still talks quite a bit but, luckily he has given up the screaming. Still no teeth – I swear these teeth have taken forever to come through. Drool is on everything all the time. LOL
Kellen is hilarious in his Johnny jump up now – he can jump so hard that I am afraid it might spring off the door frame. He loves it. Chloe has started to be shy sometimes – she will duck her head down and smile – it is absolutely precious! She has started to giggle more too. She still doesn’t give belly laughs like brother but, sometimes she will let out a giggle.
We are eating more veggies now and seem to like most of them. Chloe will eat just about anything. Kellen gags and chokes when I try to get him to eat green beans so; those are out for him for now. Last weekend I took the babies to lunch with my mom, Emma, Gracen, Celeste, and Cheryl at Chuy’s. Chloe kept eyeing my refried beans and drooling so; I put a tiny amount on my fork and let her taste it. She went CRAZY for it. Then I let Kellen try it and he too went crazy for it. So, we will definitely be eating refried beans again in the near future.
They continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – it is so funny to see their little faces when he pops up on TV.
We took them swimming for the first time about two weeks ago at Joey and Brandy’s house. We bought them some floats with sun canopies on the way over there. I didn’t know if they were going to like it. There were lots of other kids in the pool splashing around. They really really like it. By the time we got Kellen out he looked like a shriveled up old man – LOL. They did so awesome and I hope that is a sign of how it will go at the beach next month.

I seriously can’t believe that Chloe and Kellen are 6 months old! While I am excited about all the new things they can do and are learning I am also a little sad that we can hover in the current state a little longer.
They went to for their 6 month checkup last week. Chloe weighs 16 lbs and 5 oz. and is 25.5 inches long. Kellen weighs 15lbs and 10 oz and is 25.7 inches long. I was so excited to find that Kellen had closed the gap some. Take that sister!
I was really dreading their shots this time since after their 4 month checkup it took two weeks to get back to normal but, this time they did awesome. They really weren’t even fussy after them.
I really can’t put into words how wonderfully happy these babies are – if I have said it once I have said it several thousand times that they are the sweetest, cutest, happiest babies. It is all I can do to keep from kissing them all over all the time. Speaking of kissing – they are both trying to kiss now – LOL. Full on, open mouth, slobbering wet kisses. I love it – they can slobber all over me anytime. Kellen grabbed my mom’s face on Sunday and literally started sucking on it – LOL. We were laughing hysterically.
Chloe can now officially sit up – as of last night. She is still like a webble wobble but she can stay up for a while. She is soooo proud of herself. She will look at you and smile a huge gummy grin and her eyes are twinkling saying “Wow Look At ME!!!” All those stomach crunches she has been doing have finally paid off – way to go girl!
Kellen shouldn’t be too far behind her either. Although I think he doesn’t care too much about sitting up – he is ready to go somewhere. I think once he figures out the sitting up that standing is going to follow shortly behind. When you hold him he wants to stand up and jump all the time.
Both babies can say mama now and when they are crying they will often say it – like please mama rescue me. LOL

Every morning they wake up at 6am and I dress them and feed them a bottle. Then they go and get in bed with Daddy and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is so cute to see them both sitting up in the bed watching it.
Each day is an adventure that I can’t wait to wake up to – it is a wonderful life that I have been given. Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful family!

On April 19th Kellen and Chloe turned 5 months old. 🙂 I can’t believe how fast it is going by. They are so big now.

I wrote the above sentence 4 days ago – LOL.  I am just now getting back around to this post.  I suck at blogging.  I really want to be better about it but, shocker – the babies take up lots of time!  Not to mention work, a husband, and a household!  Hold on I can’t claim household all that much because I don’t clean much however, I do do TONS of laundry.  Who has time to clean the house when you wash, fold, and put away  place said laundry in a basket?? 

Okay so back to the real topic here – BABIES! 5 month old precious twin babies!  One giant twin and one not so giant twin.  To illustrate Gigantor versus Non Gigantor – Saturday morning John and I put the babies in the bed with us  hoping they would doze back off play for a few minutes.  Things were all friendly and everyone was talking and just wiggling around happily.  They often grab each others stinkies and take them for their own, even if they already have their own.  Well Big Mama, reached over and grabbed a hold of Kellen’s shirt like they were in a bar fight, and with a big smile on her slobbery face, proceeded to pull him across the bed right over to her.  LOL – he was unfazed, still smiling, slobbering and talking away.  I think she definitely has the upper hand.

K Dog has learned how to screech – blood curdling screech!  He is not upset when he does it.  He is excited.  He is a happy kid 90% of the time so this is a real problem.  He smiles and screeches in delight – at a very HIGH volume.  This occurs quite frequently when he is in the Baby Bjorn; which is his current favorite place to be.  I am glad he is happy but, not so glad he can reach this tone.  And I believe he is teaching his sister this lovely trick.  She squealed in a high pitch a couple of times yesterday – not quite to the screeching level yet.

Chloemeister has gotten into a little habit of sleeping in the bed with me and daddy.  Of course it is really my fault but, hey she’s a baby and doesn’t know the difference so; let’s give her some of the blame.  She sleeps on her tummy a lot now that she can roll over.  And she gets in some very weird postions – they look uncomfortable to me.  They must not be uncomfortable to her but, by god they are to me so; I try and roll her over and make her more comfortable – again this is for my benefit.  Sometimes it causes her to wake up.  And by wake up I mean screaming, crying, awake which is very abnormal for her.  This little episode happened last night – I went upstairs about an hour after I put them down for bed.  I wanted to cover them up because I knew they had probably kicked their covers off while trying to fall asleep.  I went to put her covers on her and noticed that she was on her tummy, stinky on her head, elephant blankie somewhat under her face, arm all twisted up.  I thought – this cannot be comfortable and the blankie was a little to close to the face for comfort.  Hey I will roll her over really quick and she will never know the difference.  Rolled her over and she stayed asleep – whoohoo breathed a sigh of relief and went back downstairs to watch TV.  Approximately 3 minutes later she woke up crying and screaming.  I trying to be strong and wait it out, thinking she will go back to sleep.  Yeah right!  Didn’t happen.  I went upstairs and picked her up – as soon as I picked her up she fell asleep on my shoulder.  Tried to lay her back down – Screaming again.  Picked her up – Asleep.  Laid her down – screaming.  Nice this is gonna go well.  Took her downstairs where she slept in my arms (I love it when they do that) for an hour.  Surely, she will go back in her bed now, right?  Ha ha you are stupid mom – not happening.  Needless to say she slept in bed with me and John all night.

How is that I, an adult, had only about 3 inches of the bed while my 5 month old munchkin had like 1/2 of a King size bed?  And everytime I would try and move away from the little hot box she would find me and move over too?  I love her to death but, I would prefer her sleep in her own bed.

John and I are going to the beach on Wednesday and we are leaving the babies with my parents.  Our first time away from them overnight.  And 5 nights at that.  I am praying that I don’t have a meltdown and they don’t either.  I don’t want them to ruin the grandparents.  I am sure the grandparents are going to spoil them rotten and I will pay for it dearly when I get back.  I am thankful for the opportunity to go though  – we need a break.

John and I took the bambinos to Green Hills Mall on Saturday to get their picture made with the Easter Bunny. They looked so cute. Chloe had on her jeans, a white shirt, and this pink hooded sweater. Kellen had on khaki pants, a white shirt and a blue sweater. We put them on the Easter Bunny’s lap (it was the smallest Easter Bunny ever!) and they looked so confused. They didn’t cry but, just looked truly confused as to what was going on. LOL
Later that day we took them over to Rob and Jennifer’s house to play outside and visit with friends. It was a beautiful day and they really enjoyed being outside.

Chloe has been going through a phase for about a week or so where she doesn’t want to eat her 6pm bottle. She screams when you try and feed her. I can’t figure out what that is all about. I think maybe she is trying to change her schedule and she wants to go to bed earlier so; we are going to try that out and see what happens.
Kellen has really picked up his eating and he seems to be gaining weight! Whoohoo. I am hoping that maybe we have rounded the bend with his eating issues and reflux.

Chloe has started to roll over now – she doesn’t want brother getting all the attention. 😉 They can both roll over both directions. It is hilarious to see them both roll over and get on their bellies with their little heads bobbing around. I can’t believe that we have gone from wobbly little babies who slept all the time to these precious little rolling people so soon. Kellen can get up on his knees too – not in crawling position exactly but, on his knees and forearms. I have a feeling these two are gonna be crawling in no time though. I think they want to chase the other children at Gigi’s house.

Both babies love to take a bath. Chloe took a 30 minute bath the other night. Kellen was asleep so, I decided to just let her play as long as she wanted. She splashed and splashed – her fat little body writhing all over the place. It was so funny. I called John up to watch her. He and I were sitting beside the tub watching her and laughing. She would splash and splash and then stop and look at us with this serious look and then we would laugh and she would smile and start again. She is absolutely precious. She didn’t want to get out but, she was turning into a prune and had splashed almost all of the water out of the tub. I can’t wait to see her in the swimming pool – I think she is gonna love it.
My parents came over on Friday night and they got to give her a bath and watch her play. They Loved it! 🙂

Easter Sunday we went to Sara’s house and hung out and ate. Corey and Hadley were there (they will be 21 this Saturday!) and we got some twin pictures. It was really cute – the twins with the twins. 🙂 Jamison, Englysh, her daughter Lola, my mom and dad, Big D and Sydney, Aaron and Camile, Sara, Jean, Aunt Bette, John and Lisa, Lauren and Anna. It was another beautiful day and it was a lot of fun to be outside. I got some really great pictures of the babies too.

Monday night we met Wayne and Janet and the boys, Pop Pop, and Tom and Claudia at Painturo’s for pizza. The babies were not in very good moods. 😦 They cried quite a bit and I ended up having to take them outside and push them in the stroller. As soon as we got outside they were smiling and being cute. Little Stinker butts! I wished they could have been their normal happy selves for the first time meeting Tom and Claudia but, oh well. I think they were just really worn out from their big weekend.

Tonight is going to be a very relaxed evening!